Car Commercials Super Bowl 2012

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Here’s a recap of the most important car commercials of the 2012 Super Bowl – if you like this post, please share it on Facebook!

In no particular order:

Chrysler’s Halftime In America Ad

Staring Clint Eastwood, this relatively long commercial generated a lot of attention for Chrysler and a fair bit of political controversy, with some conservatives claiming this ad is a thinly veiled ad for Barack Obama.

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Audi’s Vampire Party Ad

It’s a little dark, but also a little funny, and it does a nice job of tying into the whole vampire culture that seems to engulf the so-called “echo boomers.” It also does a nice job of highlighting Audi’s LED headlights, something that is innovative for 2012 (but will be commonplace in just a few years).

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Toyota’s Reinvented Ad

For Toyota, this is another family-oriented humor ad that is good for a chuckle. It also does a nice job of highlighting that America’s best-selling car is all new for 2012.

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VW’s The Dog Strikes Back Ad

Another entertaining ad that ends with a glimpse of the all-new Beetle. Most of America can relate to the hero – an overweight dog – exercising diligently to get back into game shape. At the end, they reference their 2011 Passat Darth Vader ad.

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Honda’s Ferris Bueller Redeax Ad

It’s a clever ad that lost a bit of credibility with the clumsy integration of vehicle panoramas…but definitely entertaining none the less. Read a full review of the Honda CRV Super Bowl commercial.

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Chevy’s Apocalypse 2012 Silverado Ad

As one┬ácomedian┬ájoked, if the only people who survive the apocalypse are Chevy truck owners, I don’t want to live. A funny ad, even if it is based on the ridiculous assumption that vehicle registrations somehow equal durability.

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Suzuki’s Sled Ad, Featuring 50 cent

It’s probably a bit too much hip-hop for mainstream America, but for Suzuki’s target demographic of young professionals, it’s a good shot. It’s also a great ad for raising the profile of a critically acclaimed car that most people don’t know about, the Kizashi.

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Chevy’s Happy Graduation Camaro Ad

Very funny, and the fact that it was created as part of a contest makes it even more interesting.

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Kia’s A Dream Car for Real Life Ad

How can you go wrong with a commercial that features a little person in costume, supermodel Adriana Lima, thousands of bikini-clad spectators, an MMA legend, and a driving rock beat? Seems like a formula for success in any configuration.

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*NOTE: This is the extended version of the ad

Hyundai’s Think Fast Genesis Coupe Ad

This ad seems like a contradiction – the concept is cutesy/clever, but the car is supposed to get your heart racing. Seems like cutesy/clever and heart racing don’t mix…at least not to me.

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Seinfeld 2012 Acura NSX Ad

For the intended demographic – over 40, with money to spare – this is a great ad. Seinfeld speaks to that demo. For everyone else, it’s just funny.

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Fiat’s 500 Abarth Seduction Ad

It’s sexy for sure, but it’s a Super Bowl ad in name only. The video has been around for months online.

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Toyota’s Connections in a Camry Ad

A lot of ads seem to underestimate the importance of tradition and heritage in the human condition, but this ad isn’t one of them. Of course, talking about the past is dangerous at the expense of the future…Toyota might have been better off showing some new products, their commitment to innovation, etc. Still, a heart-warming ad.

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Chevy’s Sonic Stunt Ad

Last but certainly not least, a series of stunts featuring the new Chevy Sonic is a smart way to appeal to the younger consumers who are most likely to buy this entry-level auto. However, the line at the end about “your first time” seems out of place.

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So there you have it – all the car commercials from the 2012 Super Bowl – any comments?

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  1. Mickey says:

    I ahve to say when I watched the Clint ad I was a little lost in what Clint was presenting. I know he has a Chevy truck collection and he was making a Dodge/Chrysler ad. I told the wife while I was watching the ad I couldn’t believe he’s advertising for Chrysler. The thing is do these actors/actress’s really know the American part content in each vehicle? Only Chevy had one vehicle in the top 10 and it was the Chevy Malibu at 9th position. The rest of the top 10 was Toyota and Honda. Two foreign named companies. Imagine I’m suppose to help out Detroit but they still going to outsource more jobs to Mexico and Canada. I don’t see the logic here. I guess they take us for dupes and still press on. Well I’m sorry but the jokes on them.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I think that Clint Eastwood probably decided to compromise his ethics b/c Fiat offered to pay him a truckload of money.

    I agree with you 100% – how those jokers at Chrysler-Fiat can run this ad without public outcry is beyond me. People are stupid.

  3. Will says:

    Agree 100 % with you. Jason.

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