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A Tesla Pickup Would Be A Less Capable, More Expensive Ridgeline (At Best)

The notion of a Tesla pickup truck has reared it’s silly little head again, this time because a Morgan Stanley analyst suggested that Tesla could make money selling pickups.

Tesla truck rumor nonsense

A Tesla pickup will be nothing like a Tundra, F-150, etc. Here’s why.

Ford Pipes In Fake Engine Noise for 2015 Luxury, EcoBoost Powered F-150s

Ever since Ford released their EcoBoost engines, their has been criticism over how the trucks sound. Now with a smaller engine on the horizon, Ford has addressed this critic by piping in engine noise into the cabin. Yep, the EcoBoost will now have fake engine noise.


The new 2015 Ford F-150 EcoBoost will have fake engine noise piped in to mimic a V8 engine’s sound.

Chrysler Boosts Ram 1500 Diesel Production – Good News for Tundra Diesel Fans?

Chrysler announced it will double production of its Ram diesel offerings to 20 percent of its mix. While Toyota Tundra fans may not see this as a big deal, they should. Here’s why.

Chrysler Boosts Ram 1500 Diesel Production - Good News for Tundra Diesel Fans?

Chrysler announced it will boost Ram 1500 diesel production to meet demand. This success should drive Toyota to get on board with diesel.

Cadillac Moves To NYC – Where Does This Leave Escalade?

According to The Detroit News (and now confirmed by GM), Cadillac is moving their headquarters to NYC. Evidently, they need to “get away” from the rest of GM if they’re ever going to take on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

2015 Escalade

The Escalade is a big part of Cadillac sales – how does a NY headquarters understand the Escalade?

While the notion that moving a corporate headquarters can somehow “fix” an automaker is more than a little bit laughable, the real question here: Where does this leave the Escalade?

Toyota’s New FCV – The Car That Will Kill Tesla?

Toyota FCV Mirai

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – likely named ‘Mirai’ – may be the car that kills Tesla (At least if Tesla bets too heavily on their own Model III…).

Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle (FCV) – which shall be known as the “Mirai” – hasn’t even hit the ground yet, and it’s already convincing some stock analysts to advise selling Tesla shares. Here’s why:

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