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Grizzly Bear vs. Toyota Sequoia – New Interior?

From the outside, the 18-month-old Toyota Sequoia doesn’t have a scratch. On the inside, not so much. A grizzly bear had quite the time trashing the inside, causing so much damage that the SUV is now totaled.

Grizzly Bear vs. Toyota Sequoia

From the outside, this Toyota Sequoia is one sharp SUV. Inside, a grizzly used its sharp nails to total it.

Toyota Tundra – As American As Apple Pie

Here at we are constantly trying to stamp out misinformation about the origins of the Toyota Tundra including domestic R&D operations, where it is built and where the profits go. Here is a video that explains the Toyota Tundra build process in more detail follwed by an explanation on the domestic impact of the Tundra. (SPOILER ALERT: These are American’s talking about building an American truck.)

YouTube Preview Image

DTV Shredder Garners Interest From Military, But You Might Like It Too

Adrenaline junkies love it when a company finds a new way to turn their world into a playground.  When you create a skateboard with  tank tracks that drives like a motorcycle, you’ve got their attention.  The DTV shredder is just such a device, as it combines a tracked drive system with a jet-ski like platform, resulting in a capable device that has caught the military’s attention…as well as a few civilians. Here are the specs and info you need to know:

What is the DTV Shedder? TundraHeadquarters looks at the new world of play

Audi’s New e-Diesel Process Could Mean Diesel Trucks Are Our Future

Using a proprietary process, Audi claims that they can produce e-Diesel (a blend of diesel and ethanol) with nothing more than water, sunlight, and CO2 (air). The trick? They’ve designed a biological process that uses microorganisms to create fuel, and Audi is so Gung-Ho about this project that they’re projecting commercially viable fuel production by 2020.

Could this new biological source of fuel mean that diesel-powered trucks are our future?

Audi Promises Cost Effective e-Diesel by 2020

Could a new e-Diesel product that has an unlimited supply plus is more “pure” mean that diesel powered trucks could be back on the rise?

Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker Available

Feeling proud of your Toyota Tundra now that it towed the space shuttle. Want to show off that pride? has developed a cool bumper sticker to display on your truck. Go ahead, give those “other” guys something to look at.

Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker

Want to get in on Toyota’s hugely successful space shuttle tow? Order a bumper sticker and then send us a photo.

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