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Audi’s New e-Diesel Process Could Mean Diesel Trucks Are Our Future

Using a proprietary process, Audi claims that they can produce e-Diesel (a blend of diesel and ethanol) with nothing more than water, sunlight, and CO2 (air). The trick? They’ve designed a biological process that uses microorganisms to create fuel, and Audi is so Gung-Ho about this project that they’re projecting commercially viable fuel production by 2020.

Could this new biological source of fuel mean that diesel-powered trucks are our future?

Audi Promises Cost Effective e-Diesel by 2020

Could a new e-Diesel product that has an unlimited supply plus is more “pure” mean that diesel powered trucks could be back on the rise?

Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker Available

Feeling proud of your Toyota Tundra now that it towed the space shuttle. Want to show off that pride? has developed a cool bumper sticker to display on your truck. Go ahead, give those “other” guys something to look at.

Tundra Towing Shuttle Bumper Sticker

Want to get in on Toyota’s hugely successful space shuttle tow? Order a bumper sticker and then send us a photo.

How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Truck

Tundra drivers love their trucks for the sense of safety, utility, and form, but the stakes of the game change when you add a new addition: a baby.  Suddenly safety and utility have whole new meaning!  What’s the best car seat for your truck?  What if you have a double cab or a regular cab? Let’s look at a breakdown what you need to know when choosing a car seat for your truck.

Best Car Seat for Truck

Toyota Truck Rust Problems – What’s Going On?

Despite Toyota’s long-standing reputation for quality production, one thing the carmaker can’t seem to shake is persistent rust and corrosion problems. Over the years, Toyota continues to have a pattern of rust and corrosion problems. Why? What’s the deal with Toyota trucks and rust?

Toyota's Persistent Truck Rust Problems

Why do Toyota pickups seem to be always dealing with some sort of rust issue? Why can’t this problem simply go away?

Is that Big Mac Costing You MPG in Your Truck?

A new infographic by Allstate and says that the biggest factor facing automakers trying to increase MPGs is you. All of you. The trend toward increased obesity is really making it hard for automakers to cut more weight. Put down the Big Mac and check this out.

Obesity and Fuel Economy

Apparently, if everyone weighed 150 lbs (like the test driver automakers use to determine max towing capacities), we would all gain 1 MPG.

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