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Tundra Forums Grow with New

Tundra forums have been growing recently thanks to their popularity and the sales growth of the Toyota Tundra. Add one more forum to the mix,, which by our count makes six.


A new Tundra forum has launched, This now makes 6 forums.

Amazing Lego Creations – Lego Trucks

It is true that custom trucks are just really cool forms of craftsmanship. But, there is another equally cool AND creative form of craftsmanship out there that we recently stumbled upon. Custom trucks built from Legos. There are literally thousands of photos of these works of art on and here are just a small sampling, presented in no specific order.

Built by Mr. Thomas.

Why You Really Can’t Special Order a Toyota

Recently Al-Futtaim Motors based in Dubai, UAE, was featured in an article talking about how they are starting to offer custom Toyota vehicles to their customers. Obviously this grabbed our attention, but is it true?

Special Order Toyota

Ordering a custom built Tundra to your exact specs sounds cool, but it really isn't an option.

Russian Road Rage – Don’t Mess With Dimitri [VIDEO]

The following is a guest post by Oleg Gudonov.

In Russia, we have saying: Do not kick old man or you will need new knee and new windshield. It is new – my country just start saying it yesterday.

In video below, you learn why we have this saying:

Old man honking horn might have been out of line, but young man was huge jerk. Punch or two? No problem. Open door and start kicking? Big time jerk.

Prius vs Corolla – Which Makes More Economic Sense?

A frequent commenter here on (shout out to mk) posited an interesting thought: It makes more economic sense to buy a new Toyota Corolla than it does to buy a new Prius, because it would take years of driving and gas savings to recover the cost difference between the two.

Said another way, the $5500 price difference between the Prius and the Corolla buys a lot of gas. Right?

While I was completely inclined to agree with this idea, I decided it might be fun to run the numbers. Here’s how I broke things down.

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