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Toyota Customer Service Complaints – Make Your Voice Heard

An unfortunate part of being a buyer of any company’s product is that sometimes you have to complain to get an issue resolved. While we expect our Toyota’s to work perfectly, this isn’t always the case. Here’s our recommended process for registering your customer service complaints with Toyota:

  1. Calm down – if you get emotional, you’re more likely to be viewed as a “crazy person” rather than a person with a legitimate problem.
  2. Make a plan – Decide what you want the dealer or Toyota to do to solve your problem.
  3. Call the local dealership and ask to speak to the General Manager FIRST – do NOT call Toyota’s national hotline right away. Instead, gradually escalate from the local dealership to the regional office to the national hotline.
  4. Certified mail is legal correspondence, so use it if all else fails*

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps, with explanations as to why we recommend this process.

Automakers Say CNG is the Future – What about AutoGas (Propane)?

Automakers are making it obvious that they see Compressed Natural Gas as the best complement to gasoline in their new Bi-Fuel trucks. Governments are jumping on board too and mandating their fleets be switched. Wait a minute, what about AutoGas (propane)?

Automakers Say CNG is the Future - What about Propane?

Fueling up with gasoline is getting more and more expensive. The future they say is electric and compressed natural gas engines. What about Autogas (propane)?

Police Cruiser Stops Doughnut Truck

Happy Monday! Couldn’t resist putting this photo up of a Police Cruiser pulling over a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck. The police probably had good cause to pull over the truck, but come on that’s funny.

Police Cruiser Stops Doughnut Truck

What kind of caption can you think of for this photo? Tell us below.

Toyota Tundra Driving Granny Fends Off Robbers

Would be robbers learned a valuable lesson recently – don’t try to rob Grannies in Toyota Tundras.

Please note although the initial reports of this truck being a Tundra, many commenters below have correctly pointed out that the truck is a Tacoma not a Tundra.

Granny Fends Off Robbers

Lulu Campbell stands next to her now bullet riddled Toyota Tundra. Courtesy Macon Telegraph, Photographer Woody Marshall

Wrap Your Tundra With Custom Graphics

Looking for a cool way to make your Toyota Tundra stand out? That’s simple, wrap it with a Wraptivo custom graphics kit.

Wrapped Tundra

Here is an example of a Toyota Tundra wrapped with Wraptivo Graphics (Carbon Black | Stealth Black | Matte Black ). Pretty sweet, right?

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