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Ford’s New Small Truck Strategy – Cheap-Sell the F-150

A source from Ford recently told us that they are going to switch gears in their marketing away from the big, luxury trucks and focus more on their basic F-150s. This is in response to what they see Dodge doing and might also been in response to Ford losing a significant amount of compact truck sales. Will this new strategy pay off in fending off Dodge and moving compact truck buyers into full-size truck owners?

Ford's New Small Truck Strategy

Can Ford make it for lost compact truck sales by cheap-selling the F-150?

K&N Q&A – Bert Heck Answers Our Questions About Oil Filters

Tundra oil filter 5.7 4.6

Is the OEM filter for the Tundra the best option? How can someone know?

At we field a lot of questions – both in the comments section and via email – about oil filters.  We decided to collect the most often-repeated inquiries together and talk to someone who knows the business inside and out to get some answers.  That someone is Bert Heck, Performance Kit Manager at K&N Filters who took the time to provide us with his perspective regarding the intricacies of oil filtration.

Filter Flow Rate vs. Filtration Ability

The very first question we asked Bert had to do with the perennial debate concerning flow rate versus filtration.  Simply put, is it better to have a high flowing filter that runs the risk of not catching as much particulate matter as possible, or does an engine benefit from a more rigorous filtration system that doesn’t flow quite as well?

Heck’s response spoke from K&N’s experience in the high performance oil filter world News!

When I founded in March 2007, I never dreamed it would become this successful. Over the last year, TundraHeadquarters has had:

  • 973,000+ unique visitors
  • we’ve served just about 2.2 million pageviews
  • we’ve generated about 250 posts in that time (give or take)
  • we’ve had 1500+ comments in that time as well

While I’m excited about this performance, I know we can do more. That’s why I’m happy to officially announce two new members of our team – but more on that in a minute.

Engine Sound Wimpy? Here’s the Fix!

Are you looking for a gag gift for the guy who has everything? Then the SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator is the perfect choice. If the subject of your gift-giving has a car that’s somewhat lacking in the muscle department and craves the roar of a powerful V8 engine, this nifty gift gives him the ability to get all of the testosterone without the price tag.

YouTube Preview Image

Understanding MetoKote E-Coating for the Toyota Tundra

Corrosion is a concern for any owner of the Toyota Tundra who happens to live in the Rust Belt – that grouping of states in which heavy winter salt use combined with prolonged exposure to moisture can make a mess of steel body panels, frames and suspension components. One of the technologies that is used to fight against encroaching rust is electrocoating or e-coating, a process which while prevalent is not always prominent in the minds of truck owners.

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