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2013 Land Cruiser – Will Some Of These Features End Up On 2014 Tundra?

Toyota announced a virtual smorgasbord of new features for the 2013 Land Cruiser SUV including several features that could end up on the 2014 Toyota Tundra. These new features come as the Toyota Land Cruiser turns 60 and represents a combination of honoring its past plus new technology.

2013 Land Cruiser New Features On 2014 Tundra?

The 2013 Land Cruiser has an assortment of new features that has some wondering if they could end up on the 2014 Tundra.

How Much Sympathy Do Joggers or Bicyclists Deserve?

The pedestrian versus vehicle rights conflict on roadways was made painfully clear in West Seattle when a jogging pedestrian was struck by a semi and critically injured. When emergency workers arrived at the scene, they remarked on camera that the man should not jog to work. Their remarks were peppered with expletive insults. This has concerned joggers and bicyclists up in arms, but the question of how much sympathy the man deserves is still open for debate.

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Top 10 Toyota Tundra Stories of 2011

Here is a Top 10 countdown of the 2011 stories that stood out for us.

Top 10 Toyota Tundra Stories for 2011

Here is our Top 10 list of the stories that stood out to us in 2011.

Fake Car Parts and Practical Jokes – How To Make Fun of People Who Don’t Know Cars

Looking for an Adjustable Powerband? Or is your Blinker Fluid getting a little low? Never fear – KaleCoAuto is there to translate all of the automotive jargon that has filled your head over the years into nonsense products that are virtually guaranteed to confuse, frustrate and amuse gearheads.

One O-pipe is cool, but true gearheads know that dual O-pipes really dial up performance.

Savvy enthusiasts are of course aware that Blinker Fluid is a figment of an imaginative – or crooked – mechanic’s imagination, and that no one in their right mind would purchase a canister of Elbow Grease or a set of Salad Shooting Spinning Rims. For most of the general public, however, these products not only sound plausible but absolutely necessary, especially if their in-the-know car buddy tells them that their car is definitely in need of a new Muffler Bearing or a 710 Cap.

KaleCoAuto obviously doesn’t really sell any of the above products – or indeed, any products – but rather, offers up its seemingly legitimate website as a way for car guys and gals to play a practical joke or two on their less auto-oriented buddies.

VIDEO: Making Fun of Corolla, and A Supra Busts A Woman’s Top

Two funny videos for you today. The first video is the winner in a “Create Your Own Car Commercial” – and a very funny one at that. Making fun of a Corolla is easy (not much sexy about a Corolla, right), but this guy does a great job. Definitely worth a look.

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The second video shows a woman riding around in a Toyota Supra on a drifting track. Unfortunately for her, the g-forces were too much for her blouse.

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