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Performax Converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

Australian demand for the Toyota Tundra is so high that a Queensland company has decided to convert the sports utility vehicles for use on Australian roads.

Performax converts Toyota Tundra for Australia

Australians will soon to able to drive the DoubleCab Tundra thanks to Performax.

Toyota Reveals 2012 T-Force Tundra Texas Edition

Toyota recently unveiled  a special Toyota Tundra T-Force 2.0 Texas Edition for their loyal American fan base at the Texas Star Fair. They plan on only making 500 of this one-of-a-kind truck for the Gulf-States area.

2012 Toyota Tundra T-Force 2.0 Texas Edition

The new 2012 Toyota Tundra T-Force 2.0 Texas Edition specially built for the Gulf-States Area.

After last year’s Tundra packages from the State Fair were so well received, Toyota felt an encore was in order according to Bob Carter, Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager. The result is an upgrade to the already-stellar Tundra T-Force 2.0.

2012 Toyota Tundra Changes – Minor Adjustments

A Few Minor Tweaks for the 2012 Toyota Tundra

The 2012 Toyota Tundra has some minor adjustments to an overall solid truck.

The release of the new 2012 Toyota Tundra has many enthusiasts excited for the latest model. According to Toyota, the popular pickup truck will receive some minor adjustments to increase functionality and durability.

This includes an upgrade of a variety of components including:

Toyota USA President Hints At HD Tundra’s Future

In Automotive News, Toyota USA President Yoshi Inaba answered some questions about Toyota, including offering some interesting tidbits about the Tundra. From Automotive News (subs. req’d):

Question: Why is the Tundra having only limited success against Detroit’s full-sized pickups?

Inaba’s Answer: Let’s face it. Tundra competes in a subsegment of full-sized pickups. It does pretty good. The simple situation is with the market collapsing and fuel prices going up, it hinders us from being more aggressive and not reaching the volume where we bounce from there. We are not disappointed. We are not 100% happy, but we are not discouraged.

Here’s what I think these comments mean.

Toyota Delays 2012 Tundra Regular Cab – Is Regular Cab Going Away?

In a sign that Toyota may abandon the regular cab, Toyota has decided to delay production of the 2012 Tundra regular cab until December. In years past, sources at more than one automaker have commented to me that the regular cab really only makes sense as a fleet vehicle – consumers, as a general rule, are more interested in double cabs and crew cabs, which means that the regular cab is one of the least popular configurations.

Tundra Regular Cab

I also have it on high authority that Ford considered canceling the regular cab F-150 prior to the 2004 F-150 redesign, but relented because fleet buyers prefer that configuration. I have also been told – again by numerous sources at multiple automakers – that the cost of building a regular cab pickup is only slightly lower than the cost of building a double cab…which brings us back to the 2012 Tundra. It could be that, when the next generation Tundra debuts, a regular cab model is not available.

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