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TRD Pro Package Pricing Announced – Pricey, But Not As Much As A Raptor

The Tundra’s new TRD Pro package isn’t directly comparable to Ford’s Raptor F-150. The Raptor is more heavily customized for off-roading, offers more power, a wider track, a shorter wheelbase, and a few other (admittedly awesome) extras.

Still, it’s not as if the two trucks don’t have a lot in common. Both offer increased ground clearance and suspension travel (about 1.5″ more travel front and rear on the Tundra), top-grade shocks, unique styling, and under-body protection. Both also seem to be targeting truck buyers with LOTS of extra cash, as Toyota and Ford are demanding a hefty premium for these trucks.

TRD Pro Tundra pricing.

The TRD Pro Tundra will start at $41,285, plus destination charges and options.

While a true head-to-head off-road comparison of these trucks has yet to be completed, there’s one area where the Tundra has a clear advantage over the Raptor: Price. Toyota’s announced pricing for the TRD Pro Tundra, and it’s thousands less than the average Raptor.

Do Toyota Tundra Trucks Have Strut/Shock Issues? Not Really

Written by: Aaron Turpen

A complaint in a Tundra forum plus a quick look at a few other Tundra owner’s groups around the Web shows that strut failure is sometimes a problem. Is it a common problem or serious issue that Toyota needs addressed? Neither, but it is one that comes up. We’ve noticed a few trends in these descriptions of failure and the circumstances surrounding them that may indicate what is at fault here. Here is what we see going on.

Do Toyota Tundra Trucks Have a Struck/Shock Issue?

Thinking about getting some serious air time in your stock Toyota Tundra? Not a good idea. You need upgraded shocks to handle the impact.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Diesel Tundra, Other Improvements

North Texas Toyota dealers have an interesting take on the corporate companies relocation to that area. They hope Toyota executives see first-hand all the full-size trucks on the road and this will spur them to commit more resources to the Tundra.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Tundra Improvements

When Toyota moves to Texas, David Schoemaker of Toyota of Irving will be ready with a new showroom. He will also be ready to show off Toyota’s truck culture. (The Tacoma is nice, but we hope he shows them a Tundra!)
Photo Credit: David Woo/Staff Photographer Dallas News

Toyota Tundra Will Get a 39-Gallon Fuel Tank – Sources Confirm

The site TFL Truck is reporting that the Toyota Tundra will finally get a 39-Gallon fuel tank. They are saying sources confirmed the news with them.

Toyota Tundra Will Get a 39-Gallon Fuel Tank

TFL Truck is saying the Toyota Tundra will get a 39-gallon tank.

This information most likely came from the TRD Pro event they attended last weekend. Our guess is that the sources there confirmed they were working on it (similar to what the same sources told us at the Jackson, Wyoming event in August, 2013).

The truth is Toyota has needed to offer this size tank for a while especially for RV owners and tradesman living in areas where gas stations are sparse (like Canada or western U.S. states like Montana). These owners have lamented several times to us about the tiny gas tank.

No word on which model year it will be offered.

Here is the link to the TFL Truck story.

Toyota Tundra April 2014 Sales Report – Up Again

Another month passed and once again Toyota Tundra sales are strong. While the spring thaw has helped almost every truck maker to post better sales, Toyota’s continued surge means the critics were wrong – customers like this new truck.

Toyota Tundra April 2014 Sales Report - Up Again

The Toyota Tundra continues its sales streak of double digit increases.

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