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Leno Takes Ironman Ivan Stewart Out for a 4×4 in a 4×4 Toyota Tundra

Jay Leno’s garage is normally filled with hot street rods, fast muscle cars and classics. Yet, he decided to take a slight departure from the norm and try off-roading in a Toyota Tundra. Of course, as is the case with Jay Leno, it isn’t any Toyota Tundra and he isn’t riding with nobody. Enter Ironman Ivan Stewart and his Baja ready Toyota Tundra. Enjoy.

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Tundra Goes Ice Fishing In Russia, Gets Ready For Baja

Here are a couple of international flavor Tundra videos for you: the first shows a Tundra doing an absurdly deep (and ice covered) mud bog run, the second shows a glimpse of the official Tundra Baja race truck.

Tundra running thru deep water in Russia

In Russia, muddin’ is never warm.

Toyota TRD Pro Racing Video – Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart Vs. NASCAR Drivers

Toyota is really ramping up the marketing around the offroad capability of its new TRD Pro series of vehicles. Check out this great advertisement with NASCAR drivers and the Ironman, Ivan Stewart.

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Cadillac CTS-V vs Supercharged Toyota Tundra

We came across a cool video of a drag race between a Cadillac CTS-V vs a Supercharged Toyota Tundra. Who knew a Tundra could go that fast!

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From the video’s description: Drag Race video of a Supercharged Cadillac CTS-V against a TRD Supercharged Toyota. The CTS-V is powered by a Supercharged 6.2 liter LSA that is modified with a pulley, tune and cold air intake. The V8 Tundra has a TRD supercharger, ASP Pulley, Killer Chiller, Caltracs, Shift Kit and Cheater Slicks.

Toyota Tundra Headlight Modifications – Headlight Revolution

There are a new series of Youtube videos covering making headlight modifications on your Toyota Tundra. They are by a company called Headlight Revolution and we have included the first few on this post. You should check them out for some interesting modification ideas. Logo projectors anyone?

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