Grizzly Bear vs. Toyota Sequoia – New Interior?

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From the outside, the 18-month-old Toyota Sequoia doesn’t have a scratch. On the inside, not so much. A grizzly bear had quite the time trashing the inside, causing so much damage that the SUV is now totaled.

Grizzly Bear vs. Toyota Sequoia

From the outside, this Toyota Sequoia is one sharp SUV. Inside, a grizzly used its sharp nails to total it.

What does the inside look like after the 3-year-old grizzly bear was done? Take a look (pictures courtesy of

The interior damage is quite extensive. The list includes:

  • All door panels ripped off
  • Head-liner torn to pieces
  • All headrests, leather seats and dashboard shredded
  • Steering column twisted sideways
  • Two of the six airbags deployed (remaining four were torn to pieces)
  • Back window shattered (possible entry/exit point)

The insurance company wrote off the vehicle as a complete loss. The cost estimates reached $60,000 when they stopped counting. This optioned platinum SUV new retails for over $70,000.

One last note, the head mechanic at Calgary Toyota said he doubted if they had the expertise to put the vehicle back together even with all the parts.

The bear damage is incredible. What’s the worst car damage you have ever seen?

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  1. LJC says:

    Rumor has it was Goldilocks’ Sequoia 🙂

  2. Dez says:

    Strong work Yogi, but mr ranger sir is gonna be pissed!

  3. Mickey says:

    I guess Yogi was pissed because no pinic basket…..

  4. Funny comments from everyone!


  5. Mickey says:

    As per story line, mine was over $11,000 in damage to the front end when a six point buck walking with 2 does decided he wanted to buck the system and ram my truck

  6. Mickey says:

    Dez all was okay except the factor I was on I-77 north 50 miles north of Charleston and 30 miles south of Parkersburg WV. Stuck in the mountains wasn’t the best place to be.

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