Ford In Class-Action Lawsuit for Updating Owner’s Manuals

Perhaps class-action lawsuits are good for our society, but I’m not seeing much evidence of that. Instead, I’m seeing bogus class-action lawsuits levied with little cause at every turn. Toyota settled a class-action lawsuit for $1.6 billion earlier this year, despite the fact that no one has ever been able to prove Toyota’s electronic throttle systems have a flaw. The law firms behind that class-action suit supposedly earned about $200 million in fees for their efforts, begging the question as to whether this class-action lawsuit was legitimate.

Now let’s be clear – I’m not saying that the lawyers behind this class-action business are all a bunch of greedy, blood-sucking scum who perverted the legal system for their own financial gain. I’m just saying that I think that’s a motivation for some of the lawyers involved.

Lawyers scum sucking joke

Are all lawyers bad? No. But the people behind these seemingly groundless class action lawsuits deserve a special place in hell.

Unfortunately, it’s Ford’s turn to face their own class-action lawsuit with dubious value. Specifically, Ford is being sued because they failed to provide “instructions on ‘what to do’ should an [sudden acceleration] event occur could mean the difference between life and death” to owners of older Ford vehicles, while offering these instructions to newer vehicle owners.

That’s right – Ford is being sued because they updated their owners manuals. Read more…

What We are Driving – 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited

This morning our 2014 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 1794 was picked up and they dropped off a 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited. Yes, it isn’t a truck. But, what sometimes you have to think outside the box. Any questions or comments let Tim know below.

What We are Driving - 2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited

Toyota Tundra Cleans Up on 2013 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

The December 2013 issue of Consumer Reports is out, but don’t bother picking it up. Nothing really has changed, the Toyota Tundra continues to dominate. Ho-hum…

Toyota Tundra Cleans Up on 2013 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

No real surprise here, the Toyota Tundra has cleaned up on the Consumer Reports reliability rankings.

Read more…

2013 SEMA Toyota Tundra Motocross – Dreambuild Winner, N-Fab Interview

At the recent 2013 SEMA Auto Show, the Toyota Tundra Motocross was unveiled as part of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge. Although, it had stiff competition, it blew everybody away and took home first prize. Here is more on the truck and quick interview with Doug Parks, Director of Marketing, N-FAB Inc.

2013 SEMA Toyota Tundra Motocross - Dreambuild Winner, N-Fab Interview

This Toyota Tundra Motocross SEMA truck won the Dreambuild challenge!

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A Tesla Pickup Truck? I’ll Be The Blue Guy

Perhaps out of an interest to keep Tesla in the news, Elon Musk suggested yesterday that his company might build an electric pickup truck that would compete with Ford’s F-150 in the next 5 years. To that I say “I’ll be the blue guy,” a sarcastic way of saying “Don’t hold your breath.”

Tesla F-150 Competitor

For a company that hasn’t turned a legitimate profit – and barely has enough cash to keep the lights on – dreams of building an F150 competitor are preposterous.

Here’s why I think the notion of a Tesla pickup in 5 years is beyond fanciful. Read more…

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