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Fleet Sales Don’t Compare to Retail Sales – Even With Trucks

If you’ve been following the auto industry long enough, at some point you’ll hear someone talk about the negatives of fleet sales. What follows is a basic review of the difference between a fleet sale and a retail sale and an explanation of the fleet buying process. If you’re interested in why fleet-heavy truck sales figures from Ford, GM, and Chrysler should be discounted when compared to Tundra sales, this post might be interesting to you.

If not, you might want to skip it (there is some math involved). Here we go.

Tundra Could Overtake Ram Sales in 2010

Last week published an excellent break-down of 2010 pickup truck sales through the first four months of 2010. While there are a lot of interesting takeaways, the one that jumps out at us is the fact that the Tundra could outsell the Ram in 2010. To be clear, knocking off the Ram is still only good enough for 3rd place…and close is a relative term (Toyota is still about 3,000 units short). Here are the numbers:

2010 Sales Through April
Ram 150032,058

Does this mean anything? Not really. Depending on how you look at it, it can be a positive:

  • The Tundra is gaining ground on the Ram 1500.

or a negative:

  • Toyota has been aggressively incentivizing Tundra sales (along with everything else), and despite that fact they still can’t surpass the sales of the the Ram 1500.

Either way, sales figures really don’t mean anything.