Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Lighting Options

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Aftermarket lights are a popular addition that many pickup truck owners make to their vehicles. If outfitted with a brush guard, bull bar or roll bar, your Tundra has plenty of places where you could mount auxiliary lighting. Even if your truck is bone stock on the outside, you can still mount lights under or on the front and rear bumpers in order to increase your visibility at night or in inclement weather. There are three main types of lights on the market. Let

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  1. John Wallace says:

    Is this a complete light kit light for 2008 tundra?

  2. John – These are complete kits, but they’re universal.

  3. TXTee says:

    Thanks for explaining exactly what driving lights are. If I would have know of the $80 fog kit, that’s what I would have ordered instead. But I prefer the intensity of the PIAA driving lights and think it was well worth the additional cost.

  4. Bill says:

    I have a 2009 tundra. There was a fog light kit at the dealer that I was going to buy, but the dealer said that I would have to have a whole new wiring harness installed in order to install the fog lights. Is that true?

  5. Jason says:

    Bill – If you want the ‘factory’ light kit with the factory button on the dash and all that business, then yes you need a special wiring harness (I don’t think the entire harness is new, but it’s a monster for sure). You’ll find that an after market kit will be less expensive and much easier to install…which is why I’d go that route and leave the OEM kit to someone who’s more worried about factory fit and finish than cost and ease of install.

  6. john says:

    you can still buy just the factory light switch and wire your aftermarket lights up to them this gives a clean and neat look as the holes for the factor switch are all reddy in your dash.

  7. Jason (Admin) says:

    John – Good idea.

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