Toyota Tundra Aftermarket Shock Options

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The Toyota Tundra, like most trucks, has a fairly large number of after market replacement shock absorber options. In addition to the standard KYB shocks that are available on almost every vehicle ever built, the primary after market shock brands that cater to the Tundra are Rancho, Skyjacker, Tuff Country, Fabtech, and Pro-Comp. We’ve put together a quick roundup of the shock products offered by these five companies.

Stock Replacements – Standard Ride Height to Mild Lift

Skyjacker Nitro 8000 Shocks Toyota

Skyjacker Nitro 8000 Shocks

Skyjacker’s Nitro 8000 shock absorbers are meant to provide speed-sensitive dampening for both stock and lifted trucks. Nitro 8000’s use polyurethane bushings and a 14mm diameter, and provide a twin-tube design with a lifetime warranty. They are also extremely inexpensive – it is possible to equip an entire Tundra for under $200.  There is also a slightly less costly Hydro 7000 line of shocks that fit the Tundra, and the Hydro line is oriented more towards comfort on the road than aggressive trail antics while still accommodating some lift.

Rancho RS5000 Shock

Rancho RS5000 shocks come with a lifetime warranty.

One of the biggest names in aftermarket shock absorbers for pickup trucks provides two Tundra-specific options. The first is the typically wallet-friendly RS5000 – compare prices at StreetSideAuto and AutoAnything and you’ll see that “typically” doesn’t apply in the case of the Tundra. Still, the RS5000 is one of the original twin-tube models sold by the shock icon and one whose speed-sensitive damping skills still hold up today. All Rancho products feature a lifetime warranty and you can’t beat the brand’s reputation, so they’re definitely worth a look.

Tuff Country SX6000 shocks

Tuff Country SX6000 shocks - maximum 2" lift is recommended

Tuff Country offers the SX6000 and the SX8000, each of which are aimed at slightly lifted versions of the Tundra. The SX8000 provides a thicker piston rod as well as the capacity to handle more rugged territory than the SX6000. Two inches is the maximum recommended lift when installing these shocks, which means they’re ideal replacements for trucks with a front-end lift or leveling kit.

Shocks For Lifted Trucks

Fabtech shocks

Fabtech Performance offers a shock design for the Toyota Tundra that can accommodate a lift of up to six inches of lift in the front and four inches in the rear. The design offers polyurethane bushings, a 14mm diameter, hydraulic foam cell construction and comes with a lifetime warranty. Pricing is similar to the Skyjacker options (about $40 per shock), which makes these heavy-duty monsters surprisingly affordable.

Fully Adjustable

Toyota Rancho RS9000XL adjustable shocks

RS9000XL adjustable shocks are for big lift owners who want maximum control.

The RS9000XL model is a step up that provides nine different adjustability settings that can be dialed in directly on the shock itself or remotely, if desired, using a special companion kit. These shocks offer a unique tri-tube design to increase the fluid reservoir, and are meant to provide either total trail readiness (stiff) or excellent street manners (soft). The RS9000XL is a solid performer, but it comes at a cost at least three times that of the non-adjustable shocks on this list.

Pro Comp 6" lift kit with MX6 adjustable shocks

Pro Comp 6" lift kit with MX6 adjustable shocks

Finally, we end with Pro Comp’s MX6 adjustable shocks, part of the Pro Comp 6″ lift kit (either the stage II 6″ lift kit or the stage I). The truck above was featured a few months ago as a the ultimate Motocross accessory, and it’s relying upon Pro Comp MX6 adjustables.

Obviously, there are a LOT of shocks on the market. Hopefully, this post will give you some idea of the more common and affordable options.

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  1. G says:

    Lifted my 2010 tundra, 6″ Fabtech with Dirt Logic 2.5 coil overs, Dirt Logic on rear performance shocks. Back is very stiff especially going over a speed bump. Any suggestions to smooth the ride?

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