What Color is Your Tundra? (Survey)

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According to PPG, silver is the world’s most popular paint color. According to PPG spokesperson Jane Harrington, silver is popular because “it’s offered on every single vehicle style…it really defines the shape and form of the vehicle…brings out all the lines.

However, what’s the most popular color for the Toyota Tundra? Take the survey below and help us figure that out!

PPG Vehicle Color Data

In addition to reporting the world's most popular paint color, PPG also release some statistics for paint colors in North America and for the pickup truck segment. While the North American numbers aren't too surprising, it seems odd that Gold/Brown/Tan colors aren't more popular than white or black:

Most popular North American vehicle colors 2010

As far as trucks, white is significantly more popular than in other segments. This is probably because of all the fleet vehicles that Ford, GM, and Dodge sell to make their numbers.

Most popular truck paint colors 2010

Help us gather data

We really appreciate you taking the time to submit your truck's year, cab type, and color info. We'll use the results from this survey to write an interesting post in the future...so tell your fellow Tundra owners to take the survey! Here's a link to the survey you can share on forums, Facebook, etc.

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  1. mk says:

    Interesting I find white and black the most popular so far. I would think slate grey/charcoal or silver would lead the pack for sure and then red followed by black then white. I’d put blue or green, especially timberline mica green not the ugly new 2010 ‘packer’ tundra green, over black and white for my color choices. White makes it look like a work truck and black is non-metallic and harder to keep looking clean although once clean, does look sharp.

  2. Jason says:

    mk – I agree. The high number of black trucks leads me to believe that someone who buys a black truck is more likely to get on the Internet and read this site! 🙂

  3. Tundra381 says:

    Jason and MK, I do agree with you as far as a white truck looks more like a work truck but, I tend to lean more toward the color white not because the color white is more or less conservative but the color holds a better resale value both private and trade in. All of my vehicles are white and their are 4 of them.

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