Ban Lifted on Parking Your Truck on the Street – Coral Gables, FL

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A bizarre news item was reported on Friday saying that the 50+ year ban on parking your truck in your driveway on in a city street overnight was lifted in Coral Gables, FL. That’s right you could have gotten a ticket for parking your truck in your driveway or on the street. Really!

Ban Lifted on Parking Your Truck  - Coral Gables, FL

Apparently, you can park your boat at the dock in Coral Gables, FL, but you couldn’t park your truck in your driveway until now.

Apparently, the posh community of Coral Gables, FL is rather exclusive and they wanted to keep the streets and driveways clutter free of trucks as reported by The ban stated that people were prohibited from parking their pickup trucks outside from 7 pm to 7 am and were instead told to park them in a garage.

A referendum to this ordinance was on the ballot and was passed this past election, according to the Miami Herald.

How do the supporters of the ban feel? This about sums it up.

“Coral Gables is not a country place,” said Frank Recio, 68, a small-business owner as quoted in the Miami Herald. “If you want to have a pickup for work, garage it some place.”

The Miami Hearld said that critics of the ban say it wasn’t even a clear ban. For example, the ban permits SUVs and Hummers yet luxury trucks like the Cadillac Escalade EXT are excluded.

The ban has been contested over the years with the latest lawsuit involving the city and Lowell Kuvin, a 1993 F-150 owner. As with all the lawsuits the courts decided (the Florida Supreme Court in his case) that the city can control its aesthetics. Kuvin, incidentially, has since moved out of Coral Gables, however, the story goes that he helped lead the local drive for the vote on the issue. He remained a main thorn in the side of the city and had fought the ban for eight years.

With the passage of the referendum, the city now must figure out how to make up for the lost revenue. Really! Fines for parking trucks outside ranged from $50-$500. That’s a chunk of change if you left your truck outside.

What is amazing to us is that this ban was in effect for the past several years when trucks have grown larger and larger. Being that the ban has been in place for 50+ years, it is a small wonder how truck owners were able to get the trucks to fit into older style garages more suited for sedan cars. As we have reported the new Chevy Silverado would have had a terrible time with this ban since it is quite a bit larger than even large full-size trucks.

What do you think? Was this a draconian ban or simply a city trying to protect its image?

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  1. Mickey says:

    I was kind of leaning to it but when yo allow SUV’s and especially Hummer’s I have an issue with. Talk about discrimination and for the state judges to state the city can control its aesthetics? My driveway unless the city wants to own my house. I know they have HOA’s that pull this crap. Here you just bought you house just to read you can’t park your truck there. That’s a good way to communicate with a new homeowner. Like Kuvin I would have taking it to the people. Now he won on that change. Those rich clowns now can pay for what money is missing because now it isn’t against the law. Next time rich people get you a closed community and have at it. They are trying that type of crap up here in Jax HOA’s by calling it commercial vehicles. Funny my license plate on my truck is a commercial license for what it can tow.

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