One Toyota Sequoia Please – Hold the Alligator

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Picture this: You’re in the market for a Toyota Sequoia. You’re at the dealership. The salesperson throws you the keys and says “take it for a spin.” You go to open the front door and you notice something moving at your feet. Startled, you lean forward to take a look and BOOM! An 8 and a half foot alligator!

Toyota Sequoia with an alligator, courtesy Tampa Bay Online (

Toyota Sequoia with an alligator, courtesy Tampa Bay Online (

I’d like to see the Sequoia *without* the alligator option please.

This happened to Denise Anderson yesterday in Pasco County Florida. According to the news report:

“I looked underneath and I saw how big it was,” Anderson said. “And I just start running backwards, and I went to talk to the guy in the back, and I’m like ‘you got an alligator under your car over here.’ And he’s like ‘no, no, really? No.’ I’m like ‘yea, you have an alligator.'”

The gator moved from the Sequoia and hid out beneath a Toyota Highlander after his encounter with Anderson.

The dealership, Sun Toyota, has a pretty funny salesperson working for them – he managed to make this event into a sales promotion:

“One thing I’ve learned being a salesperson is you gotta spin everything into a positive,” Chaparro said. “So, for all you Gator fans out there, Sun Toyota is officially Gator country.”

The good news for Anderson – the Sequoia turned out to be a good deal. She bought the SUV.

The good news for the gator? We weren’t able to reach him for a comment, but our guess is that he’s angry, confused, and dissapointed – he called that Sequoia first.

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  1. jo mama says:

    Im glad that no one was hurt by this gator but i feel realy sorry for the people that got scared, and I also feel bad for that gator to he is probably pissed off for not being able to get that sequoia i mean he respectfuly claimed it, he didnt hurt anyone and as a result of him waiting there patiently he gets held down with a rope. Poor thing but yah the sequioas are nice.

  2. Mickey says:

    Yes I saw that in the news yesterday. I do like the spin on it. The gator had a special Sequoia for him also. It had a gator skinned steering wheel and seat covers.

  3. LOL – Gator special, right?

  4. DrBundy says:

    I’m an LSU fan. Not so sure I’d want to buy a car from a lot that’s “officially Tiger country”!

  5. MB Realty says:

    That would freak me out! Is this a common occurrence in FL?

  6. putoe says:

    Alligator, I mean Crocodile jacks included. LOL

  7. Dawn says:

    I wonder if she got a discount because of her “encounter?” LOL

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